About Us

What We Are
• John E. Social is a men’s lifestyle media brand that provides the kind of “on-the-go” lifestyle media content the average guy can relate to his own life and about the people in it.

What We Do
• We aim to improve the quality of people’s lives by inspiring them to live life based on their own continuously evolving principles, values, and beliefs. To help our users keep up with the changing social norms and times, we use lifestyle media as a medium to provide insightful, informative, motivational, and entertaining content our mobile users can relate to in their own daily lives.

How We Do It
• We publish e-book singles about the average guy’s life, relationship, career, and marital experiences for our John E. Social Readers.

Why We Do It
• John E. Social aims not only to help our savvy user base to view their own lifestyles in a more vibrant way, but to help change them for the better as well. Whether young or seasoned, progressive or established, we want to inspire men to be the very best versions of themselves in all aspects of their lives. We intentionally create thought-provoking and entertaining content pieces to stimulate interesting topics for conversation our user base can genuinely find engaging and relatable to their own lifestyles.

Who We Are
• Like our own user base, everyone on the John E. Social Team is an avid social media consumer that relies on the innovative medium for sharing personal life stories and perspectives as well as for understanding information and knowledge that is important to us. We believe lifestyle social media plays an integral part in our own and in each one of our user’s own personal evolution by helping us to learn, adapt, and live through all of life’s purposeful lessons so that we may all better ourselves as well as those around us by today’s standards.

Why John E. Social
• Even in these times, John is still one of the most common names in the United States today and embodies the average everyday man more than ever. Approximately 73% of the U.S. population’s given first or middle name is John. The estimated number of people currently named John in the U.S. is 12,328,091 and is increasing by almost 105,000 per year. The name John may sound ordinary, but his constantly evolving values and lifestyle will always be extraordinary.

Who John E. Social Is
• He is the precocious young man encountering his own independence when he lands his first full-time job in the real world. He is the ambitious professional striving to achieve his lifelong career, community and personal aspirations. He is the established gent, husband and family man fostering his own ideological legacy to leave behind. Quite simply, John E. Social is the everyday man living his own lifestyle by today’s standards.

Who Are Users Are
• Our primary user base consists of men between the ages of 22 and 55 years of age and who are social media savvy. However, we firmly believe in providing collaborative and all-inclusive mobile content women can find relatable, insightful and enjoyable as well.

About Our Content
• The driving force behind John E. Social is to provide the everyday man with succinct, meaningful and easily accessible mobile content that adds value to his lifestyle while on the go. Whether it is a content piece on the current states of dating, a succinct in-depth write-up on being a father, realizing career passions, fostering a local startup business or spotlighting a favorite local bar or lounge, each piece of content is intended to entertain, cultivate, inform and shed light on subject matter that the average man living in today’s world can relate to. Our content is generated and inspired by our own continuous personal life experiences and evolving viewpoints as well as by those of whom we share meaningful connections with.

• We aspire to generate good quality content that’s relatable and that helps inspire people to be more themselves and not what anyone expects or thinks they should be.