A Blueprint For Refining Your Relationship. Part 1 of 2.

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Posted by on January 16, 2016
Michael Fertig/Unsplash

Michael Fertig/Unsplash

The fundamental challenges couples typically experience with their relationships may seem like those challenges are a dime a dozen and quite relatable to what many other couples go through. However, the sources from which those challenges stem from are considerably unique because every couple’s set of circumstances are considerably unique.

The couples who are in a relationship together are the only individuals who would have a sound understanding of each other’s perspectives, and the circumstances each has either encountered or may still be going through―unlike the perspectives and circumstances other couples may be working with and working through themselves. Which is more of a reason why you and your significant other should always focus on your own blueprint for refining your relationship that’s unique to your own circumstances and perspectives. And not anyone else’s.

Voids May Be Inescapable, But You Can Catch Them Early And Often
Many couples may want to believe they don’t have any voids in their relationships, but that level of thinking is like believing nothing bad ever happens to you, your significant other, or anyone else you may know. Further, that those kinds of experiences only happen on television, in the movies, and to everyone else that’s outside of your social circle.

Optimistic thinking is always a necessity in life and especially when it comes to your relationship. But it can also be a detriment to both of those things if you’re not honest with yourself about the possibilities for any and everything to happen in either one.

There’s a good chance that there are a few voids in your relationship between you and your significant other (S.O.). Some voids you and your S.O. may be able to identify on your own, or together as a couple. While some other voids you and your S.O. may not be able to recognize until it’s too late. Relationship voids can be as small as a lack of empathy one S.O. has towards the other’s passion projects―to as large as intimacy issues and nonexistent communication towards one another.

No matter what kind of void your relationship may be facing, the earlier you can identify and catch those voids the better your chances will be to minimize them, and maybe even eliminate them altogether. But the only way you could ever do that for your relationship is to be honest with yourself and with your significant other about the possible voids the two of you may have in your relationship.

The more proactive the both of you are about addressing those possible or active voids, the more successful the two of you will be towards designing the kind of relationship that’s fulfilling for the both of you. And the kind that other couples wish they had for themselves.

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