The Ideal Types Of Women You Should Date. Part 2 Of 2.

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Posted by on November 14, 2015
Kelvin Quarles/Unsplash

Kelvin Quarles/Unsplash

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The Lighthearted Type
There are many things that are appealing about dating a “light-hearted type” of woman. But one of the best qualities a guy will often find most appealing about her, is her ability to not take herself, and everything else in life, so seriously. Even more so, all of the time.

Every circumstance – and every conversation – doesn’t turn into some hot-button political debate, some personal challenge, or some social issue, with a light-hearted type of woman.

There’s a time, a place, and a circumstance, to have discussions on hot-button debates and issues. And every single conversation the two of you engage in, shouldn’t be meant for a war of words.

Besides, no single guy would ever want to be around a killjoy, any more than any single woman would want to be, either.

The Smiling And Laughing Type
Whether it’s a self-deprecating trait, or quite simply, an easy going and contagious sense of humor, the “smiling and laughing” type of woman is always great to be around. In an era in which many singles often prefer to stare blankly and never smile at one another, it’s always refreshing for guys to come across a genuine woman who knows how to smile and laugh – even if she’s simply being cordial.

Guys definitely understand that no one, even a woman, feels like smiling, or laughing all of the time. Because no one is ever completely happy, all of the time.

But there’s something to be said for a woman who’s pleasant with everyone, even with the people she doesn’t know. And often at times, the simple cordial smile and head nod a woman can give a guy, or anyone for that matter, says a lot about the type of person she is.

A woman who knows how to laugh and smile through the good things, and the bad, often indicates to a guy, that she has a strong sense of self-awareness about her. As well as, about the things that usually tend to stress her out.

But more importantly, that she knows how to deal with it all. And not lash out at others, or hold grudges with people.

The Non-Judgemental Type
No guy ever wants to date a woman who uses every detail of his life that he shares with her, the daily routines he practices around her, or every single viewpoint he discusses with her – over-analyzed into some “earth shattering” reason, for why he’s the kind of person that he is.

The whole point of asking questions on a date, is for both people to find out more about each other. Not to try and derive ways to make a snapshot judgement of each other’s character, or each other’s lives.

That’s why it’s such a relief for a single guy to be able to date a woman who’s the “non-judgemental” type. Especially in this current era of dating, in which so many single people often are judgemental towards one another.

When a guy feels confident and comfortable enough to be able to answer questions about himself, and without judgement from the woman he’s dating, he’ll also go out of his way to make sure she feels that way, too.

After all, what guy wouldn’t want to be around a woman who makes him feel like he can truly be himself, flaws and all, and not be constantly judged about it. It would just be more of a reason for him to want to be around her, that much more often.

The Authentic Type
Last but not least, the “authentic type” of woman is always ideal for any single guy, mainly because she stays true to her natural self – and, in the way she treats others. And because she wants to be treated in that same manner, as well.

The “authentic type” of woman, isn’t about playing games, or about playing coy and using trendy dating rules. And she’s definitely not the type to only show the “best representative” side of herself, that most guys would instantly become appealed to.

Because she’s confident enough in who she is, that she never feels the need to pretend to be something other than her true self.

She likes what she likes, for her own satisfaction. And she does whatever she wants, for her own contentment for her life. And she never does anything to try to impress any guy she dates, or anyone else for that matter, in order to stand out.

More importantly, she knows how to get her voice heard – and her opinions across – with savviness, sophistication, class, and certainly with her supreme confidence. And that kind of confidence can only come from her strong sense of self, in who she is, flaws and all.

She’s an ideal type of woman to date, and knows it. But because she knows it, and because she’s so confident in herself, she never feels the need to flaunt it around others. Or, to convince guys that she’s a great catch.

Because they already know that she is. And it’s why she’s such an ideal type of woman to date.